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The Plan By Dan Hollings – Review & Bonus 2022

the plan review by dan hollings

The Plan is a step by step course that shows you exactly how to make money with crypto , safely and easily.

The plan is invented by Dan Hollings, With Dan’s system, you can learn how to wiggle your way to wealth with automated crypto bots ( Bitsgap ) . It’s several years of Dan’s investment and work .

I know you may hear a lot about Dan Hollings and The plan System these Days specially after partnership with Jason Fladlien (Rapid crash Team), Are you interested in downloading Dan’s Free PDF Book to learn how to Make Money with crypto? …You can download that Free PDF from this link.

On Thursday October 20th 2022 there was  a Free Live Webinar for Dan & Daylan … But don’t worry you still can watch the reply of this webinar from this link

In this article we will talk in details about The Plan system including course content and our personal review & Exclusive Bonuses.

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Table of Contents

Who is Dan Hollings?

A former university instructor of Classical Guitar, Dan Hollings has been quietly working for years on how to safely build a crypto fortune, and recently his friends convinced him to spill the beans and share his ideas with the rest of the world.

Hang with me through this report to discover how Dan is helping people in 129 countries wiggle their way to wealth.
In 2014, Dan saw an opportunity in Amazon’s marketplace, and tapped into it to the tune of over $300,000,000 in product sales.
Before all that? He was the internet marketing strategist behind the big, smash-hit movie The Secret. Yes, the one that sold nine figures of books and DVDs and was featured on Oprah.
He has accomplished quite a lot in his career… yet nothing compares to THE PLAN.
It All Started In 2017.. the year Bitcoin went from less than $1,000 to over $19,000.
That’s when Dan got into crypto. He and others made a killing that year. Most of them including Dan thought they knew what they were doing.
But THEY didn’t.
Dan initial run turned $10,000 quickly into over $100,000. But when the dust settled, Dan ended up losing nearly all of it. And not just him. He brought others in and had them put money in as well, and they also lost.
Dan ended up broke and embarrassed.
Dan quit talking about bitcoin and let others assume he was done with crypto altogether. he wasn’t. Quietly, he kept working at it… because he refused to lose.
This was during the so-called Crypto Winter, where Bitcoin nose-dove back down to a couple thousand dollars.
He had less than $10,000 to put into the market by then… which is where He first unearthed what would become The Plan.

He had stumbled upon a way to profit from the volatility of crypto.

Dan proved The Plan worked when the market went up; when the market crashed; or when it went sideways.
While others ran from crypto out of fear of its unpredictable swings – Dan profited from it.
Over the next 3 years Dan and his friend Tony Balisteri tested and refined The Plan running thousands of automations and putting a lot of money through crypto.
Dan became a crypto millionaire with the strategies he battle-tested:

Want to watch more success Stories from members joined The Plan Course Last year ?

If Yes , Please watch This Video

Is The Plan worth your Money?

In fact, this is expensive course. But it is totally worth it! If someone charges little for his business methods, why would you pay for them? Makes sense, right?

Take a Look at this 

The green dots are every time a tiny bit of crypto was bought. The red dots are every time a tiny bit of crypto was sold.

Every red dot is bot profit
…because the bot will only sell a share of crypto at a price slightly higher than it purchased it.

This is how Dan’s strategy can make money in crypto regardless of whether the market or any particular coin is up or down.
All you do is pick coins, set up a bot, cast your “wiggle net” and let the bot gobble up profits.
The profits the bot grabs for you are ‘off the table’ profits, meaning they’re not automatically invested back into the crypto market. You can, if you choose, put the money back in manually.
Or you can keep it as realized profit.
It’s yours, do whatever you want with it.
Every bot profit shown to you is realized profit, free and clear, and after fees are accounted for.

The real questions on your mind right now are likely:
1. How do I set up a bot?
2. What coins should I look for?
3. How much should I put in?
4. How can I lose with this?
If you’d like to know the answer to these questions (and more) make sure to register for this free training Webinar:

Dan Hollings Free Live Webinar

On This Live Training You’ll Discover:

  • How To Exploit “Micro-Fluctuations” In Crypto To Make 100’s Of Tiny, Profitable Trades Every Single Day – On Autopilot!
  • Exactly how we helped folks in 129+ countries profit with Crypto Bots (using our famous “do nothing” strategy)
  • How we’ve perfected this “crypto bot” formula through 10,000+ automations, and over $5 millions of dollars of investment over 3+ years.
  • The actual live status of all our “guinea pig” clients who paid us at least $10,000 each to prove we could help anyone from anywhere set up these crypto automations.

What You Get When You Sign Up For The Plan?

There are 5 Modules in This Course.

You will get access to all of the training modules once you are able to log into the members’ area. No need to wait. You can learn as fast as you wish!

These are the 5 Modules :

Module 1: Digital Gold – An Overview of The Plan & Crypto

Module 2: The HODL Bot

Module 3: Exchanges, Stable Coins, & Standard Coin Bots

Module 4: Standard Coin Bots Part II

Module 5: Crypto Savings Vaults

Module 6: Closing Bots & Bot Regridding

Phases of the Plan Course

before talking about phases of the course let me ask you a question …

Have you ever played an online chess game with an AI before?
Did you win?
As soon as you move your chess piece, the computer knows exactly what step to take next to win. It doesn’t even have to think about the next move because it’s decided already.
Got my point ?

Great , lets get back to the phases of the plan system…

Phase 1 : Grid Bot Gold

The first Phase of The Plan and as the name suggests, this is about the trading cryptocurrencies using grid bots.

Grid bot is the way of automation AI trading, where the software is used to calculate the settings and lines within the grid where the bot will be trading and pocketing the profits along the way while the volatility drives the price of the token up and down across the grid lines. The order is placed on each line within the grid, and depending on whether it’s up or down, it’s either sell or buy order of the chosen cryptocurrency pair.

This is truly set and forget automation system to make money, and you don’t need to have coding and programming skills in order to setup a trading bot, which is why it appeals to many people so much. But there could be particular instances when the certain knowledge of bot trading and software settings features are necessary in order to better the outcome or avoid higher loss, such as properly setup the grid, altering the grid lines, exiting the trade, etc.

But Dan will show and teach everything you need to know to do all of that so you can safely navigate through and maximize the profit.

Completing this first Phase is a mandatory requirement in order to enroll in any future Phases

Phase 2 : DEFI Treasures (Optional)

Take a deep dive into decentralized finance and learn how to invest in DEFI using high interest savings wallets and vaults to earn deep staking rewards that are not readily known.

This is an alternate crypto investing strategy that is a powerful compliment to a well constructed grid bot portfolio and can produce mega returns.

Phase 3 : Rebalancing (Optional)

Welcome to the wonderful world of advanced HODLing that can span numerous coins over entire cryptocurrency sectors.

This strategy teaches you how get exposure to your favorite categories with a basket of cryptocurrencies that have the possibility for exponential growth. 

Phase 4 : Grid Bot Mastery (Free Bonus

The advanced strategies everyone in Phase 1 has been waiting for to crank up grid bots with the skillful use of leveraged tokens. In addition, this Phase also covers an often overlooked way to protect profits, and and how to flip a bear market into a bull market.

There are few more surprises inside and it’s all very exciting news for The Plan crypto bot trader who is ready for more.

There was a surprise announcement made recently by Dan Hollings, he revealed that Phase 4 Grid Bot Mastery is “My gift to all of the members of The Plan.”

I’m new to crypto. Should I do this?

Most “experienced” crypto buyers don’t really know what they’re doing and they certainly don’t have a plan or system. Often, they don’t even really own the crypto they are purchasing!

The Plan is designed under the assumption that, going in, you had zero knowledge of crypto. If you’ve never owned crypto before, great! We walk you step by step through the best way to purchase crypto.

How exactly do I make money with this system?

  1. Buy low, sell high. You sell crypto sometime in the future for a price higher than what you paid for it. This is the traditional way most folks invest with crypto to try to make profit.
  2. Off the “Wiggle”. Your crypto bots are buying and selling micro-amounts of crypto automatically multiple times per day. These bots are programmed to only sell a bit of crypto for a price higher than it bought it for. These are small profits, but they can add up and they are immediately available to you at your exchange to do with what you please.

When does the training start?

  1. You will get access to all of the training modules once you are able to log into the members’ area.
  2. All training modules are pre-recorded and available in the members’ area, so you get access to the entire training at once. This means you can learn as slow or as fast as you wish!
  3. You will also get access to all future course updates .

How Much Capital Do You Need To Get Started after purchase?

69$ per month : for the third-party trading platform to run your crypto bots which allows you run up to 5 active crypto bots at once. Once you’re successful enough to grow beyond that, then you can upgrade to higher plan. (Our Bonus) All details below.

3000$ : you need some money to invest in crypto and the minimum recommended amount to start with is 3k.

Can I share my member login with a family member / business partner?

Yes, You can share with any immediate family member who lives in the same household.

You can also share the information with an official business partner – meaning you have a legal entity you have formed with that person.

I can only invest in the course, but not buy crypto yet. Should I sign up?

Depends. Some customers find it makes sense to sign up now to get access to the course while they build up their initial funds to purchase Crypto. Their thinking is that the time is limited on when you can sign up – we close access off so we can provide the most excellent support. So better to have access now and get the funds for investing later, as opposed to wait to get the funds, and then hope that The Plan will be open once they have their funds in place to buy crypto.

The Plan Course Price 

Single Payment of $3,497 or 4 installments of $997.

the plan payments

What About Bonuses?

These are our Bonuses…

The Plan Team Bonus:

Last Bonus is Phase 4 For Free:

There was a surprise announcement made recently by Dan Hollings, he revealed that Phase 4 Grid Bot Mastery is “My gift to all of the members of The Plan.”

Is This Program Open Forever?

No, unfortunately, you have to act fast because The plan course registration closes on October 26th 2022, 11:59PM Pacific Time. So you don’t have much time left. 

In fact, I wouldn’t waste another day before starting my dream business or scaling a current business with a different approach. Click the “Buy Now” button below and get instant access now…

2 thoughts on “The Plan By Dan Hollings – Review & Bonus 2022”

  1. Thank you so much for the in-depth review. I’m wondering if Dan runs bots with Crypto-USD pairs? I’m asking because I mainly see USDT pairs in the screenshots. I’m wondering if this program also works for crypto-USD pairs if you are using a U.S.-based exchange. Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Yes, it does work with crypto-USD. The idea is that you choose a stable coin for the right hand side of the coin pair. Dan has about 10 different stable coins that he recommends as well.

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