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Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Review & Bonus

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In this post i will discuss a detailed review for Kibo Eclipse By Aidan Booth and Steven Clyton including the Kibo Eclipse bonuses , Pros & Cons and my verdict.

But if you are in a hurray and looking for the official website of the product, you can find it here.

Kibo Eclipse FREE Book

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton have just released a free book called “The Breakthrough system to build a profitable business in 2022″ using an untapped $42 Billion Dollar Marketplace… This book is free for a limited time, and you can download it now from Here.

kibo eclipse book

I know you have multiple questions about Kibo Eclipse and searching about reviews of any product before buying is a smart move from you.

These questions like : What is the Kibo Eclipse? What exactly will you get as a member? Who is the Vendor? What bonuses?

In this post you will find the answers to these questions and if you want to move to specific answer you can use the table below ↓↓↓

Table of Contents

let’s begin first with the most important question in my opinion , Who are the authors of this product and what about their experience !

Who are the vendors of Kibo Eclipse ?

Kipo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

You need to know that these guys are behind many successful products like 7-Figure Cycle, 100K Factory, Parallel Profits, The Kibo Code, Kibo Code Quantum, and now Kibo Eclipse.

In the last few years they mainly focused on the physical products business mainly dropshipping and Amazon FBA. They also have a huge number of students with a ton of success stories.

The success of their members has made their products highly sought after and were advertised on many marketing forums, blogs, and social networks. 

What is Kibo Eclipse program?

Kibo Eclipse is an ecommerce training program composed of different components including online training, software, traffic training, all-days support, a community, and a live virtual event.

What makes this different to other eCommerce methods is that this is MUCH faster and easier for you to implement, even if you have no previous experience. There is No Amazon, No Inventory, No Overseas Suppliers, No Facebook ads and No Expensive Products.

The idea behind all of this is that you build an online store where you put different kinds of products in different niches, drive traffic, find winners, scale the winners and remove the losers, and finally rinse and repeat.

Who is Kibo Eclipse For & Not for ?

Kibo Eclipse is for you if you are:

  • An eCommerce seller who wants to move to the next level
  • An entrepreneur who wants to start eCommerce.
  • Employee who wants to quit a routine job and be your own boss
  • A stay-at-home parent who wants to increase your income without leaving your kids alone

Kibo Eclipse is Not for you if you are:

  • Looking for a quick-rich scheme.
  • if you are not willing to put the time and energy needed to succeed!
  • If you are not willing to put the little additional investment needed to advertise your products.

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1: Setup Your Store
You’ll get access to their software that would help you to easily setup your store.

Step 2: Add Products
Using their software that you’ll get as a member, you can pick products from database of about 2 million products. You simply search , then add products you want to your store including images and text with just few clicks.

Step 3: Turn On Traffic
First you will learn how to get free traffic.
Then you will also learn how to get cheap targeted clicks using Paid Ads.

Step 4: Make Profits
In this step you will keep Optimizing and testing with more products so you can end up with high converting items that makes the most profit.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat
In this step you will just need to repeat the 4 steps & build more successful stores to achieve maximum profits.

Pros and Cons of Kibo Eclipse

let’s Talk about the main pros and cons of Kibo Eclipse

Kibo Eclipse pros

What is the Difference between Kibo Code 2020 and Kibo Eclipse 2022?

I guess you might be asking now about the difference between the first Kibo Code edition and this new edition… things have become much better… here are the differences:

1. A Revolutionary New Sales Software

Last time, people had to use (and pay for) Shopify. This time you won’t need to, which in turn will save you a ton of money each month. Aidan and Steve have spent close to a million dollars this year building this software, and it will make running with this business model EVEN FASTER and EASIER for you.

2. Main Focus is on Free Traffic

Last year, people has to drive traffic through Google Ads mainly which was difficult for some newbies, and also some people didn’t want to invest in paid advertising from the beginning. This year, you will learn how to drive free traffic from Facebook Marketplace. This free traffic will be the only source you’ll need until you hit your 2nd milestone (of course, you’ll learn also how to run paid shopping ads, but this is for a later stage or if your budget is big, you can start with it… it’s really up to you!)

3. Hundreds of Success Stories

This is a very important difference in my opinion! Because in the 2020 edition, people had to only trust Aidan and Steve, but since it was a new system, there were no enough students to know the results of this system. But this edition of the Kibo Eclipse has hundreds of success stories from last year’s students who have put in the work and effort and followed the system step-by-step. Check the below image for examples (of course, not every student gets these results, but this shows you what is possible with this system!)

buy kibo eclipse

Kibo Eclipse Cost ? 

There are 2 options :
$997 over four payments.
Or save $491 By paying the total price in a single payment of $3497.

kibo eclipse payment

Is it worth your money?

In fact, this is expensive course. But it is totally worth it! If someone charges little for his business methods, why would you pay for them? Makes sense, right?

Since cheap things have consistently proven to be poor quality over the years, I have avoided purchasing them!

Here’s a Gallery of the Earnings of some of the last year’s course students:

Author Rating

But wait there is more ….

Kibo Eclipse Bonus

As a member of Kibo Eclipse Course you will get access to these Bonuses:

First Bonus: Social selling Secrets
Learn how to drive massive traffic to your Store.

kibo eclipse bonus

Second Bonus: Kibo Event live recording
Full Recording of Live Events with guests and speakers.

kibo eclipse bonus

Third Bonus: The Secret Mastermind
Advanced workshops with additional tactics , formulas and strategies .

kibo eclipse bonus

Kibo Eclipse Guarantee

There is ZERO Risk for You.

First you will be able to buy Kibo Eclipse product through Clickbank which guarantees your rights.

Also Steven clayton & Aidan booth offer a 30-day money-back guarantee… Here it is in their own words:

Kibo Eclipse Guarantee

And they state that they offer 30 days only because the system is designed so you can achieve big results in a very short amount of time.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Is This Program Open Forever?

No, unfortunately, you have to act fast because The Kibo Eclipse registration closes on Friday 3 February 2022 at 11:59 PM. So you don’t have much time left. 

In fact, I wouldn’t waste another day before starting my dream business or scaling a current business with a different approach. Click the “Buy Now” button below and get instant access now…

4 thoughts on “Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Review & Bonus”

    1. Hi GRAYSON,
      No , it’s not Relaunch.
      A lot of things have become much better.
      Here are the differences:
      1. A Revolutionary New Sales Software
      2. Main Focus is on Free Traffic
      3. colossal numbers of success stories
      4. The training will be entirely new. This isn’t simply a reboot or relaunch

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