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Gold Stuff Indicator – Review and Download

My Gold Stuff indicator Review

gold stuff indicator - Don't buy

Hi everyone,

I will write a quick and small review about Gold Stuff indicator which is sold by Vasiliy Strukov on mql5 market.

First of all please don’t buy this indicator and i will let you know why .

i read a Review on the mql5 on the author page that this indicator is a reskin or a similar copy of an old indicator and this is the comment :

” This is 100% a copy of the Half Trend indicator (as source code) which is available for free from many sources. Signals are identical so the seller decided to repackage it and sell it for profit. The indicator came out in 1989 so there is no way that the seller’s indicator code was copied into the Half Trend indicator (as it was suggested). I feel that the author needs to admit that he copied the code and apologize and refund all the purchases so far. From this point on the indicator should either be removed from sale or be made available for free. ”

gold stuff indicator

and to be honest the author replied that “All similar indicators use same way” but actually he deleted the comment.

After making researches i found that Gold Stuff indicator is definitely a copy of Half Trend indicator but Vasiliy ( The Author of Gold Stuff ) made some modifications that made it worst and started selling it.

I said that modification of Gold stuff is bad because he disabled some options from the original code and also add an stupide line that also can not be removed!

The original source code ( Half Trend indicator ) is much better, clear, have good options to use and completely FREE.

I know that most of you are asking themselves Why this product has too many good reviews …. this is really very good question, that’s because the author will offer you a free another indicator from his list but you must first make a good review and share screenshot from your review …. That’s Why you rarely will found a bad review because you will need another product from him for free which is might be his Expert advisor which is very very Bad EA and will make another review about them too but please don’t try his EA on live account just test on Demo and you will discover the truth.

See this Example Here:

gold stuff indicator mt4

Let’s get to the most important part of this article which is the download link of the original source code of this indicator which is Half Trend indicator : Download Half Trend Indicator Here

if you need any help , please leave a comment and i will reply to you as soon as possible.

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